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Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated discs are a common cause of chronic upper and lower back pain. Injury to the disc's rubbery shell causes the nucleus to slip out, irritating the surrounding tissue and nerves. Learn more about how working with Revive Chiropractic can help you recover from a herniated disc. 


Common Herniated Disc Symptoms   

Your spine contains 24 discs that separate all vertebrae except the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2). These intervertebral discs are shock absorbers that keep your vertebrae in alignment. Damaged discs do not "slip" but rather rupture or bulge from between the vertebrae. Most patients at Revive Chiropractic report these herniated disc symptoms: 

  • Numbness or pain in the ankle and big toes on standing
  • Weakness in the bicep and wrist extensor muscles 
  • Weakness in the triceps and finger extensor muscles
  • A dull, radiating ache through the hips, buttocks, and thighs 
  • Tingling and numbness down one side of the lower back (Sciatica

Most herniated discs occur in the lumbar spine region (L1, L2-L4, L5 vertebrae), which causes pain in the hips, lower back, and even the calves. But every patient is unique. For some, herniated discs cause pronounced nerve pain, while other individuals suffer from a limited range of motion and muscle spasms. An experienced chiropractor will identify where your herniated disc occurs and how it affects the surrounding nerves and muscles. 

Why Does a Herniated Disc Occur?  

There is no definitive cause for a herniated disc, but factors such as age and cause of injury play a role in their development. Younger patients tend to recover more quickly from herniated discs, but only with proper rest and rehabilitation. Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) may also cause herniated discs. If you frequently bend, stoop, or sit a certain way for your job, you risk putting excess pressure on your spine. 

Chiropractic Care For a Bulging Disc   

We at Revive Chiropractic understand how painful it is to live with lower back pain. Dr. Jessi Alexander uses gentle chiropractic adjustments to support your recovery. Unlike traditional medicine, we identify how your lifestyle choices and posture may cause a bulging disc. Working with a chiropractor may speed up your healing time and save you from repeat injury. 

Revive Your Range of Motion With Dr. Jessi Alexander 

Herniated disc treatment is not limited to expensive painkillers and heating pads. Chiropractic care is an all-natural, safe alternative to traditional therapies for a herniated disc. If you live in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, AZ, and the surrounding areas, give us a call at 480-482-1843 to schedule your appointment. No matter how severe your herniated disc injury, we will help you every step on the road to recovery. 

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